Connecting with die-hard racquetball fans during pro stops means full match live streaming.

Streaming live matches has become standard practice with the LPRT.  We've been streaming for a few years now and have come to realize that diehard racquetball fans expect to be able to call up a stream whenever we have a pro stop. Often times, how fluid our streams can be is dependent on the quality of the internet access at the many venues the tour visits. One thing we know, having the matches available for open viewing is a priority. 

Viewing the world's best women professionals compete in real-time can be engaging for aspiring players as well as document the journey intense training leads LPRT professionals. No other place can you see these elite athletes brought together to represent themselves in a continuous showcase of the pursuit to be the absolute best professional women racquetball players in the world. 

The expert commentary is led by LPRT President T.J. Baumbaugh, who has toured as a professional for over 10 years. She breaks down what is happening on the court and shares the commenting duties with J. Josey, LPRT Live Stream Coordinator along with players like Cristina Amaya (shown here). T.J. also identifies knowledgeable and passionate local players who aren't afraid to have fun with it.

T.J. also keeps the LPRT social feeds present during tour stops, posting real-time pics and keeping up with updates through the draws.


It's easy to find LPRT Live, watch the matches you missed and stay connected with the LPRT. 

The Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour is the event driven, governing body of a growing membership of the highest-level professional women players in the world. The LPRT is comprised of elite athletes representing over a dozen countries including the United States, Mexico, Chile, Canada, Colombia, Japan, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

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